Classes on the holiday

 اسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Alert APIDS' kids!

There will be some classes to be held on the holidays onwards.

Of course before the final exam.

Let me tell you the exact fact before you express your mumble, frustration, your intention to go back home etc etc whatever not.

As APIDS students we've required to have 18 weeks of Maths subject each (Algebra and Calculus) instead of 14 weeks for Islamic Studies' subjects.

So, there were extra 4 WEEKS more for us to cope all the syllabus.

I've called our beloved Dr. J for the classes, so we will start on TUESDAY 5 OCTOBER 2010.

Any other classes onwards will be told later due to further discussion for date exchanges as our member ALWAYS be busied by other occasions, which was I supposed, more important than Math Classes.

For anyone who had an intention for going back home, think twice.

PASUM's kids had 18 weeks of classes for THE SAME PAPER that will going to be seated, but if you keep on excusing yourself, of course you couldn't cope the syllabus as much as them, unless you're smart enough to score.



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