The Exam

New update.

The date of our Math's subject for final exam.

For FJAX 0112 (Calculus) - 25th October 2010,  Monday at 9.00 am.

For FJAX 0111 (Algebra & Geometry) - 28th October 2010, Thursday at 9.00 am. You can go anywhere you want right after the paper. InsyaAllah.

Hereby, I would like to wish good luck to all APIDS' kids for the incoming papers. You'll can do it!
All A's insyaAllah.



wns said...

syukran 4 da info..
insyaAllah together everyone achieve more (TEAM)..

Anonymous said...

buat elok2 yer..ktorg taun lps, byk sgt men2..set dlm kpala kte boleh, i.Allah bleh..perbykkan ltihan saat2 akhir..

Anonymous said...

knpe mjoriti post kt blog apids ni dlm bhse ingris??
mne pegi mertbat bhse mlyu

Anonymous said...

hidup melayu!!!

Anonymous said...

insya-Allah... harap2 smua dpt kputusn yg baik..hidup islam!!

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